A Lasting Impact

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Shelley’s Fund will: Honor the spirit of Shelley Simonton by investing in her primary areas of interest; 1) the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt, and 2) economic self-sufficiency training for women and girls in Wyoming.

Shelley Simonton served as a Wyoming Women’s Foundation (WYWF) board member for more than 6 years, including as board chair. When the idea of the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt was presented to WYWF as an opportunity to provide mentoring experiences for women through hunting and raise funds for WYWF, Shelley was the first board member to champion the idea. As an avid hunter and a leader in the state of Wyoming, Shelley advised the hunt planning committee as one of its original co-chairs, and helped develop the hunt into the conservation-minded and mentoring-focused event it is today. Before she passed away from melanoma, Shelley once again distinguished herself as a visionary leader by spearheading financial sustainability for the future of the hunt and its commitment to bring diverse hunters to participate each year and invest in economic self-sufficiency for women. In early May 2017, Shelley generously established a fund for this purpose. Please use this page to support Shelley’s Fund through a tax-deductible gift in her memory.